Our toddler class Carter's for the early starters who are cared for in a home away from home atmosphere. Hands on activities that prepares them for pre school is our focus.


Pre schoolers are engaged with the early years foundation scheme along with Montessori practical life activities and sensorial curriculum.


Armed with our blended curriculum , Our Nursery classes are exposed to activity based learning including Montessori. We take advantage of their sensitive period using an enabling environment to build emerging super readers while blending in versatility thereby making Learning fun .


STEAM is our driving force in the primary section. We Create an enabling environment that fosters a global perspective of learning opportunities in the classroom. From creativity through Arts, science and tech to construction in engineering, our pupils see the world in our prepared classrooms.

Community Service

Engaging in community service entails health awareness campaigns by pupils around the environs of our school location. Clean up activities within a mapped out area around our school locality is always a welcome adventure.

After School Care

Our home away from home after school minders care giving program covers areas like getting Home work done , feeding , napping , change of clothes and free choice activities.

Montessori Early Childhood curriculum

Our early childhood Montessori activities span through the early years , the nursery and year one classes. Practicum in the 5 areas of the curriculum are taken in a systematic order to ensure learning is achieved. Termly themes are followed up with projects as well as online supports to further enhance learning activities.

Learning outside the classroom (LOTC)

Learning outside the classroom and field trips are part of our extra curriculum activities though in compliance with government regulations during pandemic or security threats.

Reading Clinic

Our school runs a reading clinic during the long vacation period to assist children struggling with reading, vocabulary, spellings and grammar

STEAM based learning

At PGMA, our curriculum focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). We help students uncover their innate abilities and talents, both within and outside of school. Through continuous learning, we encourage research based on STEAM principles, fostering a solid foundation for our pupils.